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Get The Reading That’s Right For YOU!

*** Angel Card Love Readiness Reading:  What do the angels have to say about your love vibe?  Get a quick tip and generate an “I’m available” vibe in your world.

*** Should I Stay or Should I Go Reading: Thinking of being single again?  This reading will give you critical information to use as you decide what to do.

*** Magnetize Yourself to Love Personalized EFT Scripting Experience: Create personal magnetism irresistible to your ideal match.  Empower your love magnetism with your own EFT Breakthrough and get unstuck with your own one of a kind script.

*** Crystal Love Magnet Reading: You can find out how strong your love magnet is vibrating so you can stop attracting the wrong kinds of men, or start attracting men again if you have not dated for years.  This reading will give you a crystal clear understanding of exactly what you need know to create your soul mate list and action plan.

*** For a Limited Time: Private EFT Breakthrough Sessions are back: Want to work with Catherine personally? Since retiring from her coaching practice, this is the first opportunity to schedule private EFT sessions.  Unsure in your Love Attraction Plan?  A series of three private EFT sessions will bring the freedom and clarity you need.

**** Breakup Candy Luxury Inner Day Spa Experience: When extreme self care is at the top of your list, this day long experience is your only option. virtual or in person.


Should I Stay or Should I Go Reading 

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Choose carefully, Grasshopper.

It’s a big decision to leave.  It pays to be really clear on whether or not the love is truly gone.  51% of the women in the US are single. 

Are you sure you want to be back in that club? 

In this 30 minute reading you will experience a connection to what you once thought was possible and then you can measure what is truly left.

Click Here for  Should I Stay or Should I Go Reading: $197  $97. 



50% Off Angel Card Love Readiness Readings

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A life time lover of Angels, Fairies and all natural beauty, Catherine especially loves sharing her collection of Angel Card decks for sweet love and romance readings.   If you need a boost of supernatural confidence in your ability to feel loved, book a session right away.

In this 30 minute reading, you bring a question to the call or you can always get this month’s special:  “You and Your Soul Mate Angel Card Love Reading”…one card for you, one card for him….wherever he is….tune into his love vibe from afar. (Guys, this is for you too.  Have a card drawn for you and your future bride.)

Click Here for All Angel Card Readings: $97  $47



Magnetize Yourself To Love Personalized EFT Tapping Scripts

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EFT Tapping Points

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the most powerful tool Catherine has experienced along her journey to feeling Loved.  Memories of past childhood dramas and traumas can hold you captive.  How do you know?  You’re still single aren’t you?  Fear of the ultimate disappointment inevitable in love holds so many back from taking the risk.

How about you?  Would you like to blast through the obstacles and get to the bottom of why you are still single…in spite of all your efforts?  A personalized EFT script is what you are looking for.  Catherine has an uncanny ability to cut through the fluff and get to the core issue that is holding you back from expressing your full electric magnetism.

This 30 minute session starts with a brief phone call and then you tap along as Catherine texts your script right before your very eyes.  You will receive a prescription for how often to repeat your script.  Then….MAGIC!  Click Here for Magnetize Yourself To Love Personalized EFT Scripting Experience $197


Crystal Love Magnet Reading

bigstock legs dance a tango 7105862 212x300 Private ReadingsAre you seeing a pattern in the men attracted to you?  Are you tired of trying to make yourself believe in all of the law of attraction stuff?  You might feel you are red hot ready for romance but your Love Magnet may be ice cold.

I can promise you that there really is love magnetism and if you haven’t found true love, there is a concrete real reason…your Love Magnet is set too low!

If your Love Magnetism is too low, you can’t pull in True Love.  Period.  Catherine will include a special Crystal reading to energize and empower you to finally attract the kind of man you are looking for.

Get a Crystal Love Magnet Reading and use it to set the course for your future.  Click Here for a Crystal Love Magnet Reading: $297  $197 (Recording included)

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Back for a Limited Time: Private EFT Services

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Let The Light In


Emotional Freedom Technique moves obstacles to love right out of your way quickly and easily.

Catherine will work with you to uncover one core belief in each of three 45 minute sessions.  Each three session bundle will equip you to move into your next 6 months with clarity and courage.

Set your course, tap away the blocks and get some traction in your Law of Attraction Strategy!  Click Here for a Three Session EFT Breakthrough Bundle:  $497  (Recordings included)


Breakup Candy Luxury Inner Day Spa Experience

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Smooth Out Your Rough Edges


Spending time focused on clearing out all of the old garbage from past players, losers and jokers is critically important in creating the magnetism it takes to attract real love.

Your new man does not deserve to suffer for the grief your exes put you through.  The Psychic Tango Inner Day Spa is designed for the woman who wants to move quickly and decisively into her soul mate attraction plan.

This one day event is designed with you in mind and no two Inner Day Spa events are the same.  Whether virtual or in person, you will come out of this energetically potent event ready for love.  For more information, email Catherine at to schedule a consultation.

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