Blue Moon Manifesting Ceremony Tonight!!

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I have noticed that “The List” is a controversial issue among my students.  Some believe in the power of the list andye50401b62 300x260 Blue Moon Manifesting Ceremony Tonight!! swear by it and others have written so many lists and tossed them out that they are fed up with the idea.

In the Soul Mate Secret, Arielle Ford’s chapter on writing THE LIST is very practical and I highly recommend you re-read it. 

Actually, Arielle reminds us that Friday is dedicated to the Planet Venus which represents the energy of Love.  Doing the ceremony on Friday will ramp up your love vibe .

Here is how to be part of the ceremony and remember, there is huge power in numbers. The more of you who participate in the ceremony the stronger the impact for all!

1.  Read this list of attributes and choose the ones that are really important to you.  These traits and attributes are from Arielle’s book:

Spiritually Open (or name your
religion or belief system)
Emotionally Healthy
Physically Healthy
Self Secure
Physical Chemistry
Sense of Humor
Great communicator
Easy Going
Emotionally Available
Enjoys _____(your dogs,
eats, travel, etc.)
Family Oriented
Loves to______

2.  Choose a beautiful piece of stationary and write out your list in an affirmative form like Arielle’s example on Page 107:

I, Leslie Ann Leeds*, give thanks to God, Goddess or All That Is for my beloved soulmate. I am grateful he is single, straight, and available for a healthy, loving, committed, life-long relationship.  He lives within 50 miles of San Diego, California or is willing to move here.  He is an intelligent, loving and honest man who is emotionally and physically healthy.  He is and extremely kind, sweet, fun, secure, attractive man with whom I have great sexual chemistry.

He is successful, abundant, giving and easy going and practices gratitude on a daily basis.  He is a great communicator and we have a happy and comfortable life together.  As I savor the waiting for his impending arrival, I relax in the peace and comfort that we will soon be together.  And so it is.

3.  Prepare to burn your list and offer your heartfelt desires to the Universe’s timing and delivery. 
Use a metal bowl and be safe.  Watch as your list burns and see it as supernatural GPS.  You are registering your desire into the heavenlies and making a way for your man to find you.

4.  Release your ashes into a body of water or bury them in your garden to complete the ceremony.  At this point, thank the Universe for all of the other soul mate manifesters that are doing the same thing for this full moon.  Be thrilled for all of us as we become more magnetic to love!

5. Start a list of the gifts and other pieces of evidence that will be coming your way.
  People will offer to buy meals for you, you will receive coupons in the mail, or you may find money in a forgotten pocket.  The Universe is always giving…are you noticing?

Arielle swears by the list and the treasure map. She recently celebrated her
 13th anniversary and she was a first time bride at 44.  Following her steps has resulted in hundreds of marriages.  Join us this weekend as we use the powerful energy of the full moon to release your dreams for love into the abundance of the Universe.

Curious about Soul Mate Manifesting?  Check out The Soul Mate Secret Attraction Self Directed Manifestation Course right here:  Soul Mate Secret and LOA 

pixel Blue Moon Manifesting Ceremony Tonight!!
share save 171 16 Blue Moon Manifesting Ceremony Tonight!!

4 thoughts on “Blue Moon Manifesting Ceremony Tonight!!

  1. Love this! But I must ask . . I live in the desert and have neither a body of water nearby nor a garden! Well, at least not one that you could dig in.
    Any suggestions? I had thought to make a bowl of sea-salt water and release that outside. Might work, yes?

  2. Yes Annette, that is a great idea. I once buried an ice cube in a potted plant when I wanted to include a water element in my ceremony. I’m delighted you enjoyed the ceremony. This entry has my all time highest readership. It’s really exciting to be in the momentum created by so many intentions made in the name of love tonight!!

  3. Hello.

    Love love love …. Some one told me I should not have a list..
    But I know listening to that person is not a good idea. Pray for me :)))

  4. Hi Hilda,

    Whether it is a list or any specific technique, let fun be your guide. Only do excercises and processes that are light hearted and make you smile. Meanwhile, who can you find that needs love right now? Is there a pet shelter near you looking for volunteers? Is there a grade school in your neighborhood that needs help with the annual carnival? The more places you find to plant your love intentions in this reality, the higher and faster your vibe will spin.

    Great to hear from you again!

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