Full Moon Manifesting Ceremony

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Hi Everyone!

I am tickled that the Full Moon coincides with our Monday evening Soulmate Secret and EFT 4681379 287x300 Full Moon Manifesting CeremonyClass. In honor of the occasion, I will be conducting a special Full Moon Manifesting Ceremony as a part of the class.

“The Full Moon marks the beginning of harvest aplenty, growth and wholeness — productive and abundant with the complete force of feminine elements and inexplicable secrets.”

I love how nature can support us on our manifestation journey. I am not an astrology expert, just a fan of the night sky, and I figure…can’t hurt right.

Here is some cool info about the moon from http://fullmooncalendar.net/

Moon Facts

The moon has long been regarded as a mark of femininity. In past times the moon was revered and is considered by many as an influential source of energy. Many individuals are also of the belief that there is a connection between the moon and the unconscious mind as well as humanity’s femininity.

The holiness of the moon is also believed to be linked with most elements in a life’s cycle. Besides being associated to the growth and re-growth of crops according to their timely seasons, the moon’s varying phases is also seen to play an important part in a female’s menstruation cycle and thus, indirectly have power over fertility.

Since the beginning of time, the moon calendar holds a vital role in people’s lives especially as varying festivals are celebrated in its different phases. full moon dates

New Moon

A brand new moon is conceived when the sun and moon are aligned as they happen to be in the same spot of the sky as viewed from our planet’s surface. During this period, sunlight is not mirrored by the moon and cannot be viewed unless a solar eclipse occurs.

The earth is now within range of the moon’s brightest side. The fresh moon phase also marks the beginning of new happenings such as the Goddess’ Maiden appearance and Spring time. Many people also rejoiced in the new crescent moon as it is considered to have come back to life.

This period also bears other meanings such as renewal of energy, freshness, reconstruction, development and the conception of hope. You are advised to advocate changes in this stage of your life, and should also consider putting an end to unsavory habits and stale relationships.

Full Moon

The full moon is born within 14 to 15 days after a new moon is conceived. Like its name implies the full name looks like a fully rounded disc. The moon’s brightest side faces our planet. Sunlight shines from the sun and is reflected upon the full moon optimally.

It can be likened to Summer time as well as the Mother form of the Goddess which bears new life.

Babies born whenever a full moon occurs are said to live an extended and fruitful life. This is due to the full force of the moon’s brimming over with magical elements. Mythical creatures such as the werewolf is believed to only come out when a full moon shines.


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