True Love Self Sabotage….Rapunzel Style: View From The Tower

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When it comes to self-sabotage, every unmarried woman has a style that “works” for her.
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(When you looked in the mirror this morning, did a single girl look back at you?)  From frivolous deal breakers to being consumed by your career, are you putting your love life at the end of your list?  If you are not careful, years can slip by and leave you without a partner.  Is it too late?  NO!

Once you know what your Saboteur style is, you can make an action plan and change your fate.
There is no shortage of Love.  And, there are more than enough single guys out there searching for their mate.  Men don’t do very well single.  They crave the companionship, intimacy and connection they don’t get with their male buddies.If you are aching to find love but terrified of being hurt or disappointed, you may resonate with the Rapunzel style of sabotage.  Take a peek and see what you think:



  • Natural beauty but blind to it.  Doesn’t see herself the way others see her.


  • In a dead end loop driven by her need to feel in control and safe yet wanting to belong to someone forever.




  • Has survived deep emotional hurts and betrayals.




  • Can be several years since her last significant relationship.




  • Sensitive to emotion, she is easily overwhelmed in high emotion moments
  • Is inspired by quiet and inspired solitude.
  • Appreciates a simple lifestyle, could be drawn to a Zen like atmosphere.
  • Can be counted on.
  • Perfectionistic and demanding…..of HERSELF.
  • Over-compromises and stays in jobs and relationships well past their expiration point
  • Deeply values fairness and has a sharp eye for injustice but….this can be a double edged sword.
  • Rapunzel can be wasting a lot of energy holding on to grudges from the past. There are ways to take the sting away from these past relationships and disappointments.   In order to manifest the Love you want, you need 100% of your focus on your ideal outcome and 0% of your energy wasted on some past drama and trauma.  Do what you can to neutralize these past events.  It is easier than you think and it is really worth it.

Saboteur Seduction Secret: Rapunzel has worked her fingers to the bone building you a Tower you can depend on.  It was build according to your own list of hurts and emotional losses.  In truth, she is a fearful yet determined vagabond who does not believe you can be happy and safe with a partner.

If you are searching for the magic elixir to transform her to an open-hearted lover your Saboteur Secret is deceptively simple. You are to go on a comedy feast.  Make it your mission to find the funniest movies you can.  Laughter changes a Rapunzel forever.  By time you have your top 20 comedies, you will be well on your way to the freedom you crave.

Why Rapunzels are Great Love Matches

Once a Rapunzel faces a critical life issue that pushes her for answers, she can make the transformation that  will light her up from inside so her man can find her. Because she has experienced so much emotional pain, her freedom from that pain makes her irresistible.  When Rapunzel takes responsibility for her own happiness, men feel it and that vibe in a woman over 40 is so unusual it gets noticed.

Free to be her radiant self, the beauty Rapunzel is arm candy for her man.  Her high intelligence and metropolitan world view make her delicious and desirable.  A savvy Rapunzel will keep her focus on what is working in her life and trust her inner guidance to keep her in alignment with her dreams and passions.


How about you?

Last weekend during a True Love Flower Reading here in San Diego, 10 women laughing, crying and hugging as I taught about how to get over sabotage.  Men don’t gather like that and yet they crave connection as much as we do.  There is a man out there waiting for you to BELIEVE in yourself, so he can find you.

Wonder about Your Sabotage Style?  Take the Love Sabotage Assessment and check it out for free:


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